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Everything You Need to Know

how do the screens on the led truck work?

Each screen on the trifold LED truck is able to operate independently or it can operate seamlessly like a billboard. That means you can put different media on each of the three screens. A video could play on the left side screen, an image could remain static on the back screen and the right side screen can also play a video or image that's different from the left or back screen. It's safe to say that when it comes to how you'd like your media to be shown, you've got options!

Can billboard mode be used for any event?

If you've got the space, this LED truck can go into billboard mode for any event! If you are interested in using the truck in this capacity, please make sure during the booking that you let our team know. Depending upon the weather and wind speed for the day, billboard mode may be a safety risk and denied. There must not be any wind to raise the screen into the air or the support infrastructure may become unstable. We appreciate your patience and understanding, we want you to have an awesome event everyone will remember too!

The LED truck is a little over 14 FT tall, 18 FT long and 7 FT wide. When the side screens are brought parallel with the back screen, the billboard screen size is about 40 FT wide. 

All in all - you can't miss this truck!

How Big is the led truck?

The LED truck can play:

  • Videos (.MP4 - 1920 x 1080 size setting works best - this is traditional landscape video size)

  • Images (.PNG or .JPEG -- .PNG is best for image clarity)

  • Audio (.MP3 or streamed or attached to a video)

Display Resolution Guidelines in Pixels (px):

  • Pixel Pitch: 6mm

  • Brightness: Up to 8,500 Nits

  • Side Screen: 768 x 384 px

  • Rear Screen: 384 x 384 px

  • Billboard Mode (Seamless): 1920 x 384 px

What type and size media can it play?

How Much does it cost to rent the led truck?

The LED Truck can be rented for any private event, but can also be used for public events too. 

The standard event pricing is $360.00 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Or the truck can also be rented for an 8 hour experience and the pricing would be $2,880.00. 

For public events, a spot on the LED Truck display may be rented for $3 per each 30 second ad spot run time. 

Be sure to contact a member of Be Different Digital for help with pricing and booking the LED Truck!

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